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Essay Writing On Group Discussion

2IIM discusses various topics in Economics, Finance etc. that are subjects of questions in Personal Interviews. Students are encouraged to watch these videos to get a basic understanding of some important terms and ideas.

  • Economics - Inflation

    This video discusses several key ideas in relation to inflation - what it means, how it is measured and so on. We know some technical terms can be intimidating, but it is important to understand what these terms imply, rather than getting hung up over the jargon.

  • Economics - Gross Domestic Product

    This video discusses GDP (Gross Domestic Product), how it is calculated, and how it can be used to understand the health of a country's economy. We will also have a look at the sector-wise breakdown in India (agriculture, industry and services) and how this has been changing over the years. We will explore the limitations of using a number to discuss an economy, and the problems this indicator presents.

  • Economics - Fiscal Deficits and National Accounts

    This video will cover the different kinds of deficits, viz. Fiscal, Revenue and Primary Deficits. We will also have a good look at different kinds of expenditures, and the difference between Plan and Non-Plan Expenditure, and also the difference between Revenue and Capital Expenditure. These terms are important when one discusses National Accounts - the financial position of a country.

  • Economics - Taxation

    Learn the difference between Direct and Indirect Taxation, and about the long pending uniform Goods and Services Tax. The video will also look at the idea of progressive taxation. We will go through the difference between Taxes on Income, and Taxes on Services.

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