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Example Of Trave Logue Essay Outline

Globetrotters! It's wonderful to see the travelogue photos coming into Your Shot. Keep up the strong work.

We're in week two of the assignment; here are a few more tips to consider:

Moments and Details
Grand landscapes are fabulous, bringing awe and scale to a place. But don't forget the smaller moments! Think about the detail photos you've taken. Do those details help explain more about the place and traditions? Share intimate photos—a shopkeeper speaking with a customer or a couple eating at a cafe, for instance—to help the viewer relate to the story they're seeing.

Include people in your photographs. Individuals add an additional layer of intrigue and invite the viewer to learn more about the story unfolding before them.

Captions help support your photographs; write robust captions. Who is pictured? What is the photo showing? When was the photo taken? Where did you take the photo? Why did you take the photo—what was the moment you tried to capture?

Take us on your journey!


  • The procedural history of Madison’s case reads like a travelogue through the death penalty’s most persistent flaws.

    —matt ford, The New Republic, "The Cruelty of Executing the Sick and Elderly,"27 Feb. 2018

  • Travel to Far-off Lands: The GPD travelogue series continues for arm-chair travelers. Explore the Buckeye Trail 2-3 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 18 with Chuck and Beth Hewett, who completed a 1,400 mile, 76-day hike on the longest loop trail in the nation.

    —joan rusek, cleveland.com, "Fairmount art center names Fleming-Gifford to top post: Valley Views,"13 Feb. 2018

  • Porto itself, in all its patinated, out-of-time beauty, may effectively be the third star of this fractured two-hander, but the film is no gilded travelogue.

    —guy lodge, chicagotribune.com, "'Porto' review: Anton Yelchin stars in a film that's in love with love and cinema,"11 Jan. 2018

  • Miller's ski films were equal parts travelogue, majestic cinematography and slapstick.

    —author: ron judd, Anchorage Daily News, "Pioneering, inspiring snow-sports filmmaker Warren Miller, 93, dies at Washington state home,"25 Jan. 2018

  • Miller's ski films were equal parts travelogue, majestic cinematography and slapstick.

    —the seattle times, OregonLive.com, "Warren Miller, pioneering snow-sports filmmaker, dies at 93,"25 Jan. 2018

  • Imagine a live-action cartoon that's also a surprisingly educational travelogue about the restaurants of modern-day Tokyo.

    —scott meslow, GQ, "Kantaro the Sweet Tooth Salaryman,"21 Jan. 2018

  • Never The guys enjoy the culture of Barcelona, Spain, in a new episode of this travelogue.

    —ed stockly, latimes.com, "Monday's TV highlights: 'Independent Lens: I Am Not Your Negro' on PBS,"14 Jan. 2018

  • Tom Gregory, producer, writer and host of the monthly south Louisiana travelogue, Go Coast Louisiana.

    —carol wolfram, NOLA.com, "COAST serves new coffee, dessert program in Covington, Slidell,"7 Jan. 2018

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